At Something Good, We Co-Create Shareworthy Magazines

At Something Good, We Co-Create Shareworthy Magazines

Feeling Good Is The Answer

Something Good is a global 'feel good' initiative to promote one simple message - 'be something good in your world. We are co-creating magazines with everyday people across the globe who are doing their own something good in life, business and social entreneurship. 

We connect with our global community every month through the power and engagement of our free digital 'Something Good Mini-Magazine' to let them know what we have been up to, new magazine releases, some great content and news of projects around the globe that are doing something good. 

We believe the world in which we live in, is up to us and we are proud to be doing our bit to spread positive messaging in this sometimes cloudy world.

Our very first 'mini-magazine' from the Something Good team received over 1.6million views, so we know the message is resonating and the world is responding.

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